Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bridgehampton Bound

Vintage Cut-out Wood Fence Decorations

On Saturday and Sunday, June 26-27, I'll be set up in Bridgehampton, Long Island, on the grounds of the Corwith House for the Bridgehampton Historical Society Antiques Show. Early Buying begins Saturday at 8AM, and if you're serious about it, that's when you'll be there. The show runs until 5PM on Saturday, and on Sunday from 10AM until 5PM. Right now, the weather forecast for Sunday doesn't look all that good, but I'll be there on Saturday, under my own tent, rain or shine. There's plenty of time to go to the beach some other day.

Among other things, I'll bring along a couple of good garden pieces like this c.1900 Conservatory Stand. It rotates freely and was intended to hold potted plants in the sunroom.

I'll also bring a great Cast Iron Garden Bench with an oak top, interesting because it's tall enough to be used as a bench, but low enough to serve as a table next to or in front of chairs. I had it soda blasted to remove many, many coats of paint from the iron without dulling the edge of the casting itself, and I had to simply replace the top altogether. As a result what we have is a piece ready to go into your yard, on your deck, or in your sunroom-- for another lifetime of use.

Finally... a vintage Hat and Scarf Display Stand, Bamboo, a 20th century piece that is simply "outa' sight". It stands some 75 inches tall, 58 inches wide, and given its size was probably originally a store display piece. If you need a pair, you're just "outa' luck!

See you at the show!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Despite a threatening weather forecast on Sunday we made it through the entire CCADA Spring Antiques Show in Sandwich, MA, with no more than a drop or two of rain, but placid as it looks in this picture, taken just before the gates opened, the wind did blow as the day progressed.

By early afternoon small tents like mine were taking a terrific beating. One of my immediate neighbors had to literally stand by the corners of their pop-up tent to constantly reset the pegs holding it down. With the help of other dealers I finally removed the top sheet of my tent, packed away the most breakable pieces and the small, light weight pieces that were being dumped on the ground by every gust, and made it through the rest of the show with no major problems, having sustained only minimal damage to two or three items. Others were not as fortunate. Whole tents were lifted off the ground, tables blown over, and too many sounds of breaking glass to make anyone comfortable. Dealers were given permission an hour before the show ended to start packing, since the wind gusts were strong enough to have pretty well emptied the field of buyers.

So it goes with outdoors antiques shows. My next scheduled outing is not until the end of the month, June 26 and 27, in Bridgehampton, Long Island, for the Bridgehampton Historical Society. We'll all hope for better weather.

See you at the shows.