Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's not that I haven't been busy... If anything, just the opposite. I've gotten a couple of nice rugs since I last posted.

This one is a small, 30 inch diameter, hand-braided 8-Spoke Shaker Spirit Rug which I've added to my DigAntiques shop selection.

And this one is a 19th century Daghestan Prayer Rug from the NE Caucasus. Neither is in a perfect state of preservation, but both are seldom encountered and I was not about to let either one go by.
I also found this small piece of hand-wrought iron about about 9 inches long and about which I know absolutely nothing...

save that it was pounded into the wall and held something, but what? and why? (Of course what I see is a ballet dancer on point, but that's just me.)

And then there is this painting

From a local estate, it's never been out of its original frame and I'm reasonably certain that it's a scene from somewhere here in northern New England. It too has a bit of a problem, that's a hole there in the lower right corner, but its a pretty impressive painting and will probably be well worth the time it will take to learn more about it.

Jack Donigian's Milford Antiques Show begins the season this coming Sunday, October 16, and every Sunday (except Christmas) until the first of April. It's a sure sign that winter is coming, but we're always glad to see it because it's a good place to both buy and sell.

Until next time.